Monthly Archives: May 2017

How to Choose the Right Fly Line

My first angling was with a friend, who had everything ready. So when I decided to get my own fly fishing equipments, all the complexities unraveled itself. Everything had to be correct, and there is no room for I-will-think-of-that-later. The fly line bothered me the most. I spent hours online finding the answer to the […]

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Cutthroat Trout Science and Facts

When you hear “Cutthroat,” what pops up in your mind? As it is a popular word, people might expect I am going to offer “State-of-the-art,” “Never Before Seen” tips on something. But weirdly enough, this is a name of a species of Trout. Surprised? You should be! These are relatives of Salmon and has a wide […]

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Best Spinning Rods for the Money For 2019

You may choose fishing either as hobby or profession. For both cases, you need a high-quality fishing reel. Otherwise, it will be tough to catch fish. You hardly get fishes with a low-quality spinning reel which is a very disappointing matter. Therefore, try to buy the best spinning rods for the money. But if you […]

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Best Fishing Sunglasses Reviews For 2019

Fishing is one of the most common leisure activities that we see around us. People love fishing because this is a hobby that refreshes us in many ways. It teaches us how to keep calm and helps us developing our patience. Besides, having this as a hobby, throughout the world fishing is also a profession. […]

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