About us

“Fishing” is not something people invented yesterday. In fact, it has been around for the better part of the civilization.

These days, people not only fish for their own livelihood. But, the novice and occasional fishermen have turned it into a recreational activity as well. Some even indulge in fishing simply to pass the time.

Who are we?

Well sir, we are fishing enthusiasts. In this website, we cover “Fly Fishing,” the tips and tricks to “Ice Fishing,” the do’s and don’ts of Saltwater and even freshwater fishing as well. So, this little website is packed with information about all things Fishing is related to.

We do fishing product reviews, “How To” articles, Informative articles, and tips, and even angler “How To” articles as well. Our team aims to keep the tone of our articles “User-Friendly” and as entertaining as possible while dishing out key information that you need to perfect your craft.

You have to understand that “Fishing” is different than it was 10 or 15 years ago. That is why we try to keep our website updated with all the latest information and with all the trends that are currently riding the tide.

One “Key” element that makes us stand out is that we aren’t biased in any way when reviewing a tool, a reel, or a simple fishing rod. We don’t even accept money from manufacturers to promote their product. Also, we don’t believe in “Secrets.” Whatever we know, you know through us.

Maintaining a website and a team such as this takes time and a small amount of incentive. For that purpose, we use Amazon Associates Program to monetize links that we use in our reviews, how-to articles, and sometimes in Informative articles as well. Whenever you buy a product from us, we get a tiny amount of commission from the network. That is what keeps us going.

Keep an eye out for our blog as we are constantly updating, upgrading, and adding new articles to our already huge archive. Read our articles and encourage others to read as well. We hope our endeavor finds a place within your fishing routine one way or the other.

Best Regards,

(fishingfinderpro.com) team